Re-Kindled Love

A couple approached me about the making of some rings, incorporating their old rings they bought 30 years ago when they first got married. Together we work out a design and decide on the materials used.

hand made recycled wedding ringsIn the workshop I make moulds for the new rings to be cast in from cuttlefish. The new rings will be made out of rose gold, using some old and unwanted family jewellery which gets molten down in the crucible.

remaking gold wedding rings in new mouldsOnce the metal is liquid and glowing brightly it is poured into the mould.

opening ring jewellery moldsEach mould can only be used once as the hot metal burns the organic material once it is poured. It produces a raw but high quality ring.

recycled raw gold wedding ringThe rose-gold rings get ‘cleaned-up’ and sized so that they will fit exactly into the old white-gold wedding rings.

The finished rings fit into each other in a way that the old wedding ring spins freely around the newly made rose-gold ring.rose gold recycled remade wedding rings